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The Hard Work

Even with the advent of laser assisted lipo-suction, aspiration of subcutaneous fat if hard work. The vigorous back-and-forth arm motion and the wrist angle entailed in directing the cannula to harvest subcutaneous fat during a liposuction procedure can take a considerable toll in terms of physician operator fatigue.

This fatigue can be detrimental causing lack of concentration and operator errors. It was this impetus that drove David Leahy, designer of the 9 HFX cannula to re-address the design of the conventional lipo-suction cannula to improve safety and efficiency for both the patient and operator.

The 9 HFX cannula, is considered by some to be the biggest advancement in lipo-suction of recent years.

The Gallery

These images show the ergonomic design of the 9-HFX probe and how it fits into the users hand.

Available Sizes

Pyramid cannula tip

We supply 9 different sizes to suit most common procedures. Please see the cannula chart below which covers both Pyramid and Mercedes tip.

Cannula Tip Style
Pyramid Mercedes
130 3 & 4 Y Y
230 3 & 4 Y Y
280 3, 4 & 5 Y Y
325 4 & 5 Y Y
Mercedes cannula tip

Get a Sample Pack

Try our new probes out

The 9-HFX probe range can be ordered as individual probes if you require just one size, or as a sample pack that contains 1 of each.

This pack gives the operator a feel for the advantages of each size in each particular case.

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The 9-HFX probe sample pack contains 1 of each of the 9 probe sizes as listed under the ‘Available Sizes’ section.

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